Why November to March offer the best views

Like I wrote about in my last post, I fell in love with visiting Paris in November. Before catching my train back, I spent my last morning there with a spontaneous visit to the Eiffel Tower, not expecting much.

Boy, was I wrong!

Why winter weather makes for the perfect view:

  1. The warm colors of fall foliage compliment the burnt copper color of the tower. These images are from late November. Typically, snow is rare in Paris, so the leaves will stay lingering for months.  

2. Grey skies can cast the perfect atmosphere for playing with black and white photos or moody heavily desaturated images.

Here is one of my favorite images taken from this set, although it's technically an accident. This is a panorama taken vertically, and along the way the algorithm got things a little wrong in a beautiful way:

3. Fewer crowds mean taking wide landscape shots are possible

And another vertical panorama, this time with the algorithm behaving :)

4.  Last but not least: a light drizzle is common weather, adding a reflective sheen to pavement and walkways. Often on movie sets in Hollywood, they spray down the set with water before filming, to add a more romanic glisten to the scene. Here, it happens naturally.

Time to fly off to my next destination: next up, the Christmas markets of Germany. See you then!